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{project:MVC based CMS - (MVC2,NHibernate,StructureMap,NVelocity) }

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Lightweight: simple framework for small to medium business easily configure website and perform tasks
Ease of Use: Simple and straight forward management portal and with Ajax (JQuery, JSON) involved for better user experience, some pre-defined Page Templates (organize system modules and plug-ins into containers/location of template page) for user choose.
Ease of Extend: System does auto scan plug-in assemblies in Plugin Folder (plugin designed as displaying data from DB or xml or based current context and process user inputs, plug-in can be enabled or disabled from Page Template Manager)
Flexibility: Using Dependency of Injection and Inversion of Control Container (StructureMap) to loosely decouple layers, therefore both of persist, service layer can be replaced or extend and just update configuration file can be plug and play.
Latest Technologies: ASP.Net MVC 2, SQL Server 2008, JQuery, Ajax, XHTML 1.0 Strict/ 1.1 Transitional, CSS Layout, CSS Spirit

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